Chakra Number Six \

What is the Ajna? Why is it that I need to operate with this? What am I going to profit by using this energy center?

The Ajna is the sixth largest center within our Chakra system, it’s the eyebrow Chakra. Ajna in early Sanskrit signifies Third eye, the ‘ all seeing, all knowing ‘ eye of intellect. The third eye is located just above and between the eyebrows and has got the capability to see everything, clearly and sensibly. The eyebrow Chakra resonates to the color indigo, like a gorgeous midnight skies.

The third eye chakra is our Intuitive Chakra, our psychic instrument, reminding us that everything we see, touch, smell and listen are created from the interior being, a greater intellect. It’s all about the 2 sides of their brain working in harmony together. It governs our thyroid gland that affects growth metabolism and standard body chemistry. Intuition is the secret of the third eye Chakra, understanding, wisdom, visualization and power. Our eyes, base of the skull and also our thoughts are what this chakra is concerned with at the bodily sense.

Ajna from equilibrium.

If our Intuitive Chakra is from equilibrium or unaligned, we’ll feel helpless when faced with choices and judgment calls. We’ll feel stuck in our logical mind. Emotionally we fear about nearly everything, we’re indecisive, uncommitted, and don’t have any confidence in the choices we’ve made, since we’ve got a history of creating the incorrect sort of decisions and decisions. We believe we need physical evidence of items, ‘seeing is believing’ and we’d not take risks. We believe our true objective is uncertain, and we’re lost. Physically we’re likely to suffer discomfort and sense tension within our eyebrow area. We might have eyesight issues, mind disorder, learning issues and sleeplessness. We feel stiff and unable to enjoy the joys of their body. As soon as we have a feeling about something or somebody, this Chakra when out of equilibrium, won’t let us trust this atmosphere.