Mushrooming Fun! Effectively, For Some People

It was premature September…just after Labor Day and also my I…geezer and wife and geezerette…decided to do just a little late summer camping at the favorite spot of ours, Housatonic Meadows State Park, somewhat above Cornwall Bridge in upper western Connecticut. The weather conditions is able to get a bit nippy at night that time of year in northern CT, though the times may well be only grand along with the river water continues to be tolerably hot and the trout continue to be starved as well as, very well, it is a great moment to camp…hardly some people there. Of course, several weekend and bowhunters overnighters though the hunters are well behaved and the weekenders are occasionally friendly and we have met folks that are good there.

I started to be curious, at first, in fungi at the Kettletown S. P. on the lower Housatonic River. We have been there but two times and also the very first time we had been pretty excessive for a hill above the weather conditions and the river was warm and damp…good for fungi to thrive…and, though we weren’t “into” mushrooming at that moment, we kept stumbling upon these varied and beautiful organisms…you cannot actually call them plants…I think I counted aproximatelly 18 diverse species in the area of ninety minutes, simply walking within a 100 yards of the campsite of ours! And such variety…different colors and textures and styles and odors…I was dazzled by the screen. I cannot recall the actual period of the summer season that we had been there, though we looked to capture the fungi growing season at its top! Very well, I was hooked and later that summer was provided a birthday present of the National Audubon Society’s FIELD GUIDE TO psilocybe MUSHROOMS by my beautiful lady…and right now, I’m certainly not in the woods without it.

cubensis spores