Planning To Visit Croatia

If you’re planning to go to Croatia, then you might wonder whether is well worth the challenges and costs. Visiting another nation (read Croatia) can benefit you in many ways but you’ll surely encounter situations you wouldn’t face in your home. This especially regards USA tourists.

Here are some things to consider when you consider seeing Croatia:

What is there for me?


There’s always something specific to see a state where history happened and abandoned with the deepest traces. Croatia is certainly the nation where history has maintained many Greek and Roman ruins like famous Diocletian palace at Split or even Pula amphitheatre, medieval walled cities like “ceaseless city of Dubrovnik or Korcula city on precisely the exact same name island.

World Cultures

Some travelers choose to immerse themselves in a different culture, attempting everything from local foods, visiting neighborhood grocery store, open-air markets, enjoy walks in odd places, adventure festivals or neighborhood traditional ceremonies. Croatia is the correct spot for this, merely to mention Split city fish market or among many local summer fruits and veggies markets on a few of many islands. Don’t overlook Split and Dubrovnik summertime vacations or famous “Moreska” battle match on Korcula town.

Food Adventure

For many vacationers, it’s all about the food. You may want to sample all of the dishes you’ve seen or you’ve heard. I am certain that you will like the Urlaub in Kroatien, especially the one across the shore, a normal Mediterranean, quite much like Italian with a single exceptions: Pasta isn’t the first and the main meal. New fish, fresh vegetable, lamb meat (try the island Pag lamb), smoked ham, Pag island cheese along with quite good local white and red wine.

Dream Destinations

Maybe Croatia hasn’t jet turned into your dream destination but should you would like to see a “New Tuscany” or some “Little Venice” across the opposite side of the Adriatic Sea than you need to see Croatia.