Waimea Beach Park, Oahu Hawaii

Every few years, it happens. The surfs in Oahu’s family beach park reach higher than twenty feet. The opponents in the Quicksilver Big Wave Invitational in Memory of Eddie Aiku ready the surf boards of theirs and paddle away for a ride of those monstrous waves.

The Quicksilver Big Wave or maybe “The Eddie” is one of its kind. Named after the legendary surfer and North Shore Oahu’s 1st lifeguard, the competition was only held 7 times after 184 on account of the condition that the waves ought to be twenty feet or even bigger in Waimea Bay. The final tournament was held in December 2004 during which the waves reached as high as fifty feet.

Waimea Bay Beach Park is ranked among the top 10 big wave surf spots in the planet. Undeniably so— when the surf is up, waves here goes up from twelve feet to thirty feet and other things. However, the surf breaks big only a couple of times each year. Yet even though Waimea Bay sacrificed the prestige it at one time kept as obtaining the ideal surf spot in the planet (as soon as some other beaches in the North Shore have been found to have far superior quality), the bay is now the living space of the biggest and most spectacular surf in the planet. And even so, continues to hold on to a significant place worldwide of surfing.

Like additional North Shore beaches, Waimea Bay Beach Park is “bipolar.” In winter, the waves are large, fast, and deadly. Summer is much calmer plus relatively safe for swimming and novice wave riding. On one side of the seashore, there’s the “Jump Rock,” a scuba diving and also free diving spot in the bay. When the surf’s down, you will also find rock climbers here practicing, and also everyone that would like to have added extra enjoyment by jumping as a result of rock into the water.

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